The Power Of Creativity

While research psychologists are interested in increasing innovative thinking, clinical psychologists sometimes encourage patients to use artistic expression as a way to confront difficult feelings.

Why Do Humans Practice Kindness?

For centuries, scientists have wondered why humans are driven towards kindness. What separates us from other animals? What makes us practice empathy. In a search for answers, scientists were able to come up with a few valid theories...

The Idea Of Giving

When you give, you’re actually receiving. The idea of giving has always come from different ideas. “It’s at the expense of myself,” or “someone is taking something from myself.” The idea of giving creates further barriers such as “this person worthy of my help.” There are a ton of things that we create within our own heads that might stop us from helping.

Why You Should Travel More Often

After being in one place for so long, you become used to the routines. You become used to the terrain, the people and pretty much everything. The day’s spontaneity and wonder can be replaced with predictability and calculations. It’s great to be in the groove of things, but it’s important to leave your environment and explore. Leaving your comfort zone is great for your growth and productivity.

Ideas on Forgiveness

After all of the tragedies that transpired in the U.S. recently, I felt that this would be a great topic to discuss. The idea of forgiveness, which is very subjective as is all aspects of life.