Remembering 9/11

I remember where I was when this day happened. I was in an assembly at school. It was a day that was super eery. We were in an assembly, and the individual speaking wasn't getting the attention he deserved from the crowd. He was trying to capture the attention of high schoolers, and it just wasn't happening.

#HurricaneHarveyRelief: How to Spot a fake charity

Around four feet of rain has fallen in the city. Harvey has broken the national record for rain from a single tropical storm. Roadways are now rivers. Thousands have been rescued from flooding homes, and search efforts are still underway. With all these startling facts, I started wondering if there were any fake charities that would try to take advantage of all of this.

The Concept Of Individuality

In today's day in age-individuals are very focused on the idea of who we are based off physical realm aspects. With the way the world is set up right now-it's not our soul or actions that identify who we are but parameters around us.

3 Things That Happen When You Are Kind

Did you know that there was a science to kindness? Little did you know that helping your neighbors carry the groceries inside was doing something to your brain. The next time you give up your seat to someone on the train, think about how your selflessness is making you a better person. Here are 3 Things That Happen When You Are Kind.