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#KarmConvo: An Interview With Yoga Guru Rachel Brathen

#KarmConvo: An Interview With Yoga Guru Rachel Brathen

Here at #GoodKarms, we like stressing the importance of kindness, living in the moment and appreciating our experience as human beings. To reinforce how important this all is, we are exploring these values with a few blogs that inspire us.

First on that list is Yoga Guru Rachel Brathen. Swedish native Rachel Brathen is a New York Times best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and international yoga teacher residing in Aruba. After graduating school in Stockholm she traveled to Costa Rica and it was here that she found the joy of incorporating yoga into her everyday life. 

Here's a video from her AWESOME Youtube channel: 

Feel inspired yet? Here's an interview we got to do with Rachel..

GK: When's the last time a stranger saved you bad day? 

Today! I was having a crap moment, feeling overstressed about work and having not slept well. I opened my inbox and a beautiful email from a woman popped up where she wrote that listening to my podcast helped get her out of a funk. She just wanted to send some gratitude my way - it was all i needed to shift my perspective. 

GK: What does happiness mean to you?

Simple things. For my mind not to be clouded with lack, what I’m missing, or whats not working. To be here, present in the simple things; the cup of coffee I’m drinking, my baby girl, my family… It's more about getting out of my own way - happiness can be present every day!

GK: What is your most cherished memory?

Coming home from the hospital with my daughter the day she was born. 

Rachel teaches us that the simple things in life are important. Be sure to live a full and complete life. Download the GoodKarms app for tips on kindness and how you can help those around you. 

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