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Cruise Control: 21 Tips Driving Good Karma

Cruise Control: 21 Tips Driving Good Karma

No honking!

So what if the person in front of you is driving you nuts with their slow driving - You never know their reason for it so just assume it’s for a good reason and pass them when it’s safe (and take deep breaths until then).

 Keep middle fingers to yourself

It doesn’t help anyone - you included - to shoot someone the bird plus doing it to the wrong person could put you and others on the road in serious jeopardy. Again, deep breaths.

 Don’t cut people off

Stay in your lane! You can always backtrack if you missed your exit but if you cause an accident and potentially serious harm if you drive your car into another’s car’s path.

 Don’t text and drive

Seriously, it can wait. If you really have to, pull over to a safe, well-lit place to do it.

 Don’t play your music too loud

This is especially true when you’re driving in residential and commercial areas but even if you’re on the highway, consider you could miss someone’s honk of warning or a speeding ambulance’s siren if you’re blasting your tunes.

 Be patient - Don’t tailgate

Like we mentioned in item number one, you never know why someone is driving the way they are and like we mentioned in item number two, you never know who’s behind the wheel of another car - Take it easy and lay off.

 Let people turn

Ever been the car waiting to turn in a particularly congested intersection yet no one will let you in? Frustrating, right? Be a hero and, as long as it’s safe, allow someone to turn in front of you. You’ll make their day!

 Don’t drink and drive

Ok, this one is obvious. Don’t do it.

 Don’t try to race people

You know there are racing tracks you can visit, right? Don’t try to be a speed racer on the open roads - The risk to you, your passengers, and others is just too high.

 Stop trying to show off your car

We’re just kidding - Go for it!

Don’t get mad at pedestrians jaywalking

Ok, so this one might warrant a little annoyance but what good does it do to become completely outraged? Deep breaths, friend… Deep. Breaths.

 Use your blinker

This one is also pretty self-explanatory - Your blinker is there for a reason! Especially important at night but always necessary, a blinker can be the difference between arriving to your destination or being hit.

 Don’t go 10 below the speed limit

Ok, maybe there’s a good reason for it but going too slow can also be as dangerous as speeding. Stay with the flow of traffic and you greatly increase your chances of keeping your car and yourself unscathed. Plus, you won’t be irritating all the drivers behind you.

Don’t be an aggressive driver

It might feel really good to slam on the brakes to scare that lady behind you who’s been on your tail for the past 20 minutes but will it really solve anything? (The answer is no and it could make things a whole lot worse!)

 Park within the lines

Don’t be that guy - You know the one. Park like you know what you’re doing and everybody stays happy.

 Acknowledge the right of way

If you don’t, not only will the person whose right of way was taken know you’re a bad driver, so will everyone else waiting for their turn since you’ve probably got an audience. And, if you’re not sure who has the right of way, be a good guy (or gal) and let the other person go - Good deed for the day, done!

 Yield when you have to yield

Yep, even for those intersections you know like the back of your hand that never have any cars coming. Why take the risk?

 Don’t drive while you’re upset

You appreciate that other drivers are stable when driving, right? Right. Grant back the favor.

 Put your phone away - so no distractions/calls

Unless it’s an emergency, you should grant all of your attention to the road - No multitasking. A phone call may seem harmless but is it really worth risking your safety for a chat?

Smile more

Yeah, people might find it a little strange but you’ve been through worse, right? You never know how a simple gesture like a smile can brighten someone’s day.

Try to carpool as much as possible

Whenever possible, ride with a buddy. Not only is it better for the earth (and all of the living things on it) but you and your friend(s) can save money which is always nice!

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