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A Good Karma Diet

A Good Karma Diet

Has anyone ever talked to you about the health benefits of doing good deeds? No? Well, here’s a few facts that may surprise you.

People who regularly do good deeds have lower stress levels and experience lower cholesterol. They also have longer life-expectancies, are happier at work and in their personal life, and have better mental health.

Each good deed we do leads to a rush of endorphins, which make you feel good. These endorphins could be considered the body’s karmic reaction to your generosity.

Keeping your karma clean has huge health benefits for both your mind and your body, so feed your soul on a good karma diet.

The Good Karma Diet: 


Breakfast: Make everyone in the house a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea to start the day.

Imagine waking up and having that mug handed to you in bed. Let your family or housemates sit back, relax and have a chill start to the day. It’s a simple way to show you care and are thinking of them, even first thing in the morning when everyone is still feeling sleepy.


Second Breakfast: Put a note or drawing into a child or spouse’s lunchbox.

It’s always a nice surprise when you find something special and personalized for you. While a morning cup of coffee shows you are thinking of others, a note goes one step further and shows that you are thinking specifically of them and have taken a minute out of your day to show that you think they are wonderful. 

Everyone enjoys being told they are wonderful!


Brunch: Walk your dog or someone else’s.  

Both you and the dog will get some exercise and you will enjoy yourselves. You could take the ball to play or try walking a new route and get to know your local neighborhood. It’s also a nice way to save time for dog owners having a busy day. You can ensure the dog is well cared for while giving their owners the rare gift of extra time.


Elevenses: Give a compliment to the next person you see.

It costs nothing, takes no time and could brighten a person’s day. If you are already thinking it, say it. If it’s a jealous thought, perhaps you see a nice car or expensive handbag, then get it out of your system and use that jealousy for good. You never know, you might get a ride in your neighbor's new Porsche. 


Lunch: Buy a sandwich for a homeless person or donate food to a homeless shelter.

Perhaps while you’re making your own lunch you could make an extra portion. You can’t end world hunger but you can feed the homeless man sleeping down the street. If everyone with a stable income in the US fed one person in need, hunger in the US could be wiped out. Why not make a start by donating one meal? 


Afternoon Snack: Do the shopping.

It’s a necessary task that everyone has to do so why not offer to do someone else’s shopping while you are at the store?

Ask people at home if they need anything extra when you leave for the store or ask a neighbor or elderly person on your street if they would like you to pick food or medication up. It could save others a lot of time and worry while it would be of little effort for you.  


Dinner: It’s the biggest and most satisfying meal of the day so we need a big dose of karma to see us through the night. How about sending a postcard to a sick child and their sibling?

Kids with illnesses tend to have very different lives from healthy children and can feel left out, while their siblings may not fully understand what’s happening and feel like they are missing out on attention. Through Cards for Hospitalized Kids you can send cards to sick children and through Send Kids the World you can send cards to sick children and their siblings.

This is a quick and easy way to make a big difference to a life. Perhaps try keeping a pack of cards by the couch and each evening take 5 minutes to write to a child in need of distraction and comfort.


Supper: Don’t go to bed angry.

It may seem like a selfish one, after all you will benefit as well by not going to bed angry, but it’s good for everyone involved in the argument or issue. If you’ve argued with your spouse then both of you will get a peaceful night’s rest knowing you are still comfortable with each other. It will prevent any residual worry and stress from causing a sleepless night and ruining your mood the next day. You are not your problems, so don’t let an argument stop you enjoying the company of those you care about.  

There are plenty of small ways to brighten someone else’s day and keep your karma healthy. Why not put together your own small list of good deeds, small actions that you feel are achievable. 

Try it today. Give the next person you see a compliment and see if you feel that rush of endorphins. 

It’s important to keep both your body and mind healthy, and living a karmic lifestyle will help. Thinking about the past times you’ve done good motivates you to do good deeds again. So, when was the last time you did something to improve your karma and brighten someone’s day?

Think about that good deed and be your own inspiration to live a happier, healthier, and karmic life.

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