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Morning Routine by Rohan Duggal

Morning Routine by Rohan Duggal

Getting up in the morning is a difficult part of life. In fact, many people dread the idea of waking up. Why? It's the best part of the day if you think about it. You're awakening from a dream state so your rational mind hasn't kicked in. You're awakening on an open slate - anything is possible and you have another day full of opportunity to make it better than the day before. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Why is it that we are waking up angry, annoyed, or frustrated? After all, we just woke up!

Let’s back up - After all, it’s somewhat understandable. Many individuals hold onto circumstances that are outside of themselves. They let it affect their inner well-being, taking it dear to them and their ultimate happiness. Whether it's work, or personal issues, or just feeling stuck in life in general with no hope, people sometimes allow every day to be a carbon copy of the last, like a broken record. People believe that if they continuously attack a new day with the same mindset and mentality consistently things will get better. While they will eventually get better, that's due to time. Eventually everything gets better, however, other turmoil appears in your life as well. So, in reality, it's a never-ending cycle.

How can we defeat this feeling of hopelessness and the dreadful wake-up in the morning? How can we turn one day on its head and really make it the best day possible? How can we create an amazing start to the day?

Here's some advice:

AM Sing & Dance Sesh

Before your mind starts kicking in - before the rational thoughts start messing with you and bringing back yesterday - instant hack happiness. How is that possible?  Do this: Get out of your bed immediately and start singing and dancing! Don't just sing and dance for the hell of it, really mean it! It has to be something you're passionate about. Pllay it loudly in your home, sing to it, get into it, jump around! Really allow this feeling of positivity to overcome you before yesterday’s mindset has time to take over and you'll have created a positive state of being. This won't necessarily stop the mind from being the mind, but it will allow the mind to be the mind and not care; it’ll just keep being happy. That feeling will attract more happiness to you, and ultimately allow you to be more productive and be the best version of yourself throughout the rest of your day.

Gaze Out Your Window At the Sky

Really appreciate it, be grateful for its peace, tranquility, giving, and beauty. It is the perfect way to show gratitude which will allow you to create that feeling of happiness within you. That will once again allow the Universe to bring you more things to be happy about.


It can take as little as five minutes depending on your practice but the right type of meditation and visualization can instantly give you a feeling of joy and hope. Ultimately, it will allow you to create the best day possible. Daily challenges may cause negative feelings to crop up as the day goes on, however, your stable mindset will act as your defense to the day. With it, you're impenetrable to all the negative circumstances that can come your way.


Write down a list of things you're grateful for, happy about, and will accomplish. Write in general. It will lead to you in believing, in living, and breathing what you write, and ultimately lead to a happier existence. It will give you the ah-ha moments you're looking for, challenge you in a good way, and ultimately lead to the best version of you, period.

Positive Self-Talk

Talk up how your day is going to go and believe you are someone who has the ability to make anything possible (... you are, fyi...), and just say out loud what your day will consist of. Don't say what you think the day will go, but how you desire the day to be in your ideal way if you had unlimited power. Speak it up! Believe it is guaranteed. This will begin creating wavelengths for you to achieve it.

Look In the Mirror and Repeat After Me, “I Love You.”

Do it. Do it without thinking. Ultimately, you want to feel it. Even if you don't initially feel it, continue to do it until the day it becomes simple fact that you do, in fact, love yourself. This will change your life.

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