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5 Non-Profits That Are Changing The World

5 Non-Profits That Are Changing The World

When you think of a "nonprofit" what do you think of? Most likely, you think of a group making a difference in your community. Maybe you are thinking of a large organization, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters or Make-a-Wish, or maybe you think about a local animal shelter or community theatre. These are groups that are tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) as "public charities" because they are formed to provide "public benefit." Community foundations are also part of this group (and so are private foundations, although tax rules treat them a bit differently than public charities.)

With this in mind, we sought non-profits who were currently making a difference in the world.

1. The Global Poverty Project

By enlisting the help of global communities, the Global Poverty Project's mission is to end global poverty by 2030. The project aims to end destructive cycles by changing key policies and social practices that keep the most disenfranchised impoverished and neglected.

2. Pencils of Promise

Founded in 2008, PoP works to ensure quality education for young people in developing countries. The organization creates access to education through its for-purpose structure, which is dedicated to monitoring success. It also operates on a 100% direct giving model which helps people see exactly where their online donations are going.

3. Special Olympics

With a long history of altruistic programs, the Special Olympics provides sports training to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The organization promotes physical fitness and endeavors to inspire the joy of athleticism in participants, friends, and family.

4. Code.org

Launched in 2013, Code.org is dedicated to improving computer science education by making more programs available at more schools. The organization works to increase participation from "women and underrepresented students of color." The courses are available in 30-plus languages and used in all 180-plus countries.

5. Keep a Child Alive

KCA's mission is to help children and families by combating the physiological and socioeconomic effects of AIDS. With the help from its supporters, KCA raises awareness of the epidemic, helps mobilize relief, and rallies resources to help fight the life-changing effects of the deadly virus.

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