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5 Ways to Get on Your Grumpy Coworkers Good Side.

5 Ways to Get on Your Grumpy Coworkers Good Side.

We’ve all had that one coworker who hates you no matter what. You can bring in cupcakes to the office and they’ll still grill you like you killed their dog. It’s important to be a good person when facing people like this. If you don’t stay kind hearted, you will end up stooping to their level and becoming a grumpy coworker too.

With in this mind, we did some research on best ways to get on your grumpy coworkers good side.

1. Throw Out a Compliment

Not even your grumpy coworker will resist compliments. Human beings like being told how awesome they are. You know how much it brightens your day to walk into the office and have a colleague compliment your recent presentation, or even mention how flattering your new haircut is. So it’s no surprise that your little comment could have the same positive effect. WARNING: Be sure to stay away from catcalling.

2. Make the Conversation About the Other Person

On average, we spend 60% of conversations talking about ourselves.

What’s my point? We love talking about ourselves, almost so much that we tend to shut everyone else out. Knowing that, the key to getting on someone’s good side is as easy as letting someone talk about him- or herself and simply listening, rather than chiming in every other second.

3. Ask for Feedback

The easiest way you’re going to get on someone’s good side is to ask them what is bothering them. Maybe you’re saying something offensive and you had no idea it was offensive. Maybe your coffee breath makes them not what to talk to you. Maybe you distract them from their work. Its up to you to find the root of the problem.

4. Don’t Gossip

Avoid gossiping with your other coworkers. You don’t know who is friends with your grumpy coworker. Your gossip can end up making the situation so much worse. BE CAREFUL!

5. Be Aware of Other People’s Schedules and Habits

Avoid talking to your grumpy coworker when they’re busy. Work probably just makes them more grumpy. Try to strike a compliment when your grumpy coworker is free and in a good mood. Notice your grumpy coworker is laughing at someone's joke? That may be a good time to chime in and engage with them.

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