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Very Cold Winter, Very Warm Heart

Very Cold Winter, Very Warm Heart

Winter is fast approaching. The time for cold winter nights, Christmas carols, and snow shoveling is imminent. You need to get your heater ready as the year’s coldest time has come.

Of course, it will be very, very cold when winter arrives. It is our duty to keep ourselves warm during winter. A lot of ideas go inside your head. According to the British Heart Foundation, the ways to keep the heat in is:


You can even ask your mom how to stay warm during winter. However, even if you can keep all your body warm, there is still a part in you that needs to stay warm during the nights of cold. What is it? Take a guess. You are right. It’s your heart. Not literally, but you get what we mean.

While keeping your whole body warm during winter is relatively easy, keeping your heart warm is a bit of a challenge. It is a real challenge. You can’t just put a jacket over your heart and expect to survive the winter. It is not like that. While there are also a few ways to keep your heart “warm”, like cozying up with someone, greeting your family the season’s greetings, or sharing your problems with someone, we will focus on one way – sharing kindness to others.

Doing good, like sharing kindness to other people, pleases your heart well and “warms” it. It is pretty much self-explanatory that doing good makes you feel better. However, you might think that only the people who look nice people do good. It is never the case. Sometimes there are people who have cold hands, warm heart. People might look cold on the outside, but they might be caring on the inside.

Sharing your kindness, you have a lot of ways to do it. Here are some ways to please your heart and warm others’ too:

  1. Give someone a sweater if they don’t have any.

  2. Cook someone you know (or you don’t) a hot meal. Soup or stew is fine.

  3. Offer help when someone’s car is stuck on the snow.

  4. Help your neighbor in shoveling the snow in front of their house.

  5. Offer shelter to your friends if somehow, they got stuck during a snowstorm.

  6. Donate sweaters, jackets, pajamas, socks that you don’t use anymore to charities or organization that give used clothes to the less fortunate.

  7. Participate in singing Christmas carols for the neighborhood.

  8. Share a good dinner with your family and catch up with them.

  9. Say something nice/compliment your friends and family.

  10. Laugh. Just laugh. Break the ice. Pun intended.

Make sure that you won’t have a cold winter. Here are just some of the ways to “warm” your heart. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not pleasing your heart on winter is like walking on thin ice. Never leave someone out in the cold. Do something good, and if someone asks you if you have a cold heart this winter, just say “Not a snowball’s chance in hell!” Okay, enough with the puns. Just share your kindness this winter season, even if you are snowed under. We did it again.

Remember, always have a warm heart when meeting winter.

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