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When Celebrities Get Really Legit

When Celebrities Get Really Legit

An act of good deed, no matter how small, or big, is still an act of good deed. And most of the time, it comes from unexpected sources.

Cue in our famous celebrities, which has done a lot to further the name and influence of doing something good. Here are 5 of the famous celebrities that has not just done a lot on their field of expertise (movies, music, art, to name a few) but also on the field of doing good deeds.

  1. It’s not regularly that celebrities answer the inexplicable requests of their fans. Well unless you’re David Harbour. David has recently gotten a lot of attention for entertaining his fan’s tweets asking for random favors, even if it’s just to brighten their day in the smallest way. It all started when a student named Damaris tweeted “@DavidKHarbour how many retweets for you to take my senior photos with me.” He replied: “25k And I get to wear the school sweatshirt and hold a trombone.” Fast forward three months and Damaris shared a series of photos with herself and David, while he donned her high school sweatshirt and held her trombone. Source: http://www.alloy.com

  2. Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family are super responsive to their fans, whether it’s through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course — Snapchat. However, this act of kindness is so great because it truly was unexpected and random. When a fan tweeted that she was trying to find Kim after a show on the Yeezus tour, Kim decided to make her day. She responded to the fan, named Myleeza, asking for her seat number and section so she could sit with Kim. It just goes to show that a small favor from a celeb can have a huge impact! Source: http://www.alloy.com

  3. “Tom Hanks was cool enough to pose for a series of awesome impromptu photos with a fan in a pizza place. In the series, the fan pretends to be drunk, glasses askew, and slouched over – first on Hanks, and then face first into a pizza – while Hanks is pointing.” Source: https://winkgo.com

  4. “Brand has been spotted several times on the streets of LA hanging out with the homeless, taking them to breakfast and even giving one of them a new shirt and a ride to the same AA meeting Brand himself attends. According to an interview that he did with Howard Stern, one of Brand’s favorite pastimes is taking homeless people to dinner and just keeping them company for a night. Evidently, they have a lot of interesting things to say.” Source: https://winkgo.com

  5. When young man Brett Kyle overturned his Toyota Tacoma in 2016 the truck suddenly caught on fire. But he was actually a very lucky guy because he wrecked right in front of Jamie Foxx’s house. Within a couple minutes Foxx had pulled Kyle out of the truck to safety. Foxx said, “I don’t look at it as heroic,” Foxx told a local news station at the time. “I look at as, you just had to do something.” Source: http://buzz.auntyacid.com

These acts prove that it doesn’t matter what social status you have in the world, you can still make the world a better place.

Why don’t you do a random act of kindness yourself? Who knows, someone really needs your help right now. It will not matter if you do something as big as these celebrities did, or as small as paying food forward or helping old people cross the street: A good deed is a good deed. Don’t ever forget, do something good and still act humble.

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We hope you have a good day and do a good deed.

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