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Welcoming Kindness Within You

Welcoming Kindness Within You

Are you a person who trusts easily? Do you always open to others? Or do you always create a wall, a barrier to others thinking that you’d be better off closing your life to the world?

Did you have a traumatic experience in your life before that made you become doubtful and not easily trusting? How did it make you feel? How does it feel to put a wall between yourself and other people? Do you feel happy? Or do you feel a little bit lonely inside?

If you mostly feel the latter, then maybe you should open yourself to others.

Why do you really need to open yourself up to others? Well maybe it’s obvious that other people will greatly help you during times that you can’t support yourself.

When you open your life to others, you instantly feel better, because you get to share and let your concerns out, which in turn will make you feel lighter and more relieved.

Don’t judge others easily. Fight the urge to become angry when you hear different opinions than you have. Be more social and have more friends. Tell your problems to your closest friends. Don’t close yourself off to the world. Be a better person by not closing yourself off to the world. It will do more good to yourself and to others.

Learn new things with other people. Listen carefully to others when they are talking, then ask real questions after. Stay in the “moment”. Find more and more ways to connect. Face your fear of distrust. You’ll be better off without it. Don’t worry. Don’t force yourself to open yourself up to others immediately. It will take time, so take it. Never be in a rush. Everything will just go into their place.

Another importance of opening yourself up to other people is it welcomes kindness within yourself:

  • It humbles you.
  • It makes you feel a lot better.
  • It makes room in your life for giving and receiving.
  • It will make you feel relaxed because you won’t doubt yourself anymore and you won’t doubt others anymore.

How about starting opening yourself up right now? You don’t have to open yourself up instantly. Take a few steps a day.

Good luck and we hope you become happier.

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