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Making The World A Better Place: Herman Ssebuliba's Campaign and Story

Making The World A Better Place: Herman Ssebuliba's Campaign and Story

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We all know that the world we are living on is not perfect. Not everything that happens is good, not everyone has it easy. And because of that, people try to help others for them to live better even by just a bit, and to make the world a better place.

Presenting, the Hands Dirty Solidarity, a campaign that will run for 90 days.

Its mission is to help “empower and inspire young men and women around the world through providing innovative solutions to address various complex problems in our communities. The group encompasses job hunters and those who wish to enhance their skills and transform into leaders and entrepreneurs.”

Their vision is to “have more confident, empowered, self -made and self-sustaining youth entrepreneurs and leaders who can transform through personal development and utilize their thought processes effectively.”  “This could be achieved through stimulating their creativity and innovativeness, the factors which this complex world demands currently.”

This campaign, headed by Herman Ssebuliba, will mainly focus on doing something good for others. This type of “focus” shows how good people still are and that there are several people who want to do good in this world. Their organization aims to provide answers to the problems being faced in their community.

Of course, everyone has a story, even people who lead those type of campaigns. Here is a little background about Herman.

Herman Ssebuliba is the founder of Hermie Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.


He says, “We focus on how to connect African resources and opportunities through digital transformation. We provide important opportunities to South African citizens and Africa by increasing the benefits from open trade and contributing to economic growth, education, unemployment, social innovation and poverty eradication. Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set.”

His vision is to have more empowered and self-sufficient youth entrepreneurs who can improve their lives through personal development and to have effective processes of thought or idea. He says that it could be achieved through “stimulating their creativity and innovativeness”.

He is born from Uganda, a country of civil wars and political unrest. It taught him to appreciate peace and freedom of speech while living there.

Also, his experiences while in Uganda helped him to widen his “perspective and see the world from a different point of view”.

He migrated to South Africa, the country he admired and loved since he was a teenager. During his teenage years, he associated with people of different backgrounds and cultures and read magazines which convinced him that further education would help him gain knowledge that would allow him to “pursue a wide range of possibilities”.

He also has “been fascinated by the constantly changing world that we live in, waiting to understand and explore the causes and effects of current and future human interactions”.

He has grown personally and professionally, uses his social entrepreneurship and leadership skills to help improve young people in South African communities and the world.

Donations are an important part of these types of organization. This will further improve their ability to do more good in their community. If you want to donate or contact Herman, here are his social media accounts:

Let us try to do more good in the whole world.

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