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Sharing A Good Deed Goes A Long Way

Sharing A Good Deed Goes A Long Way

Last August 25, 2018, we made a post on Facebook about encouraging people to share their own act of kindness and how it has helped other people. It went like this:

After a while, someone made a comment that inspired us to write about it:

Goodkarms Facebook Comment.png

In the screenshot above was Sergio Dosdos-Gomez Patiño recalling his habit of saying “GOD Bless You” in silence whenever he sees a homeless person or whenever someone sneezes. Also, he says that while riding in a bus or subway, you should always offer your seat to a lady who is standing. If the lady declines your offer, tell her “I love my mother, please seat.” Stand up, so that she will sit down afterwards.

When people like this speak up about their habits of good regard, you get to think. We already have the power to become good, we already know how to become good, but why are there still others who can’t be? It is a good thing that people like this guy is sharing something inspiring in a platform where hate and bigotry is rampant.

When you say something in an avenue like social media, everyone will know what you post. And most of the time, there will be people who will agree with what you said and will do something similar about it. This is the reason why hate and discrimination is a lot more common now than before. However, something of a similar stance can be made for good acts and selflessness. If only more people would post good deeds, more people will do something like it.

You, reader, should do something about it too.

The post above showed that there still are good people in the world. Also, it showed that no matter how big or small a good deed is, it is still a good deed and it will be appreciated in one way or another. We hope everyone will do a good deed once in a while, if not always.

Instead of spreading hate, you spread love. What a concept!

For more inspiring stories, we encourage you to download GoodKarms app available now for iOS and Android. It’s an app that makes you part of a community of individuals who creates a good atmosphere by doing selfless deeds and encouraging others as well.

We hope that you can spread the act of good deeds everywhere you go.

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